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Pallet Racking and Mezzanine Floors in Herefordshire.

We have rapid call out times to install a manner of different concepts and systems such as new and used Pallet Racking systems and Mezzanine Floors for our growing list of clients in Hereford, UK.

Aphex has helped companies in the Hereford area to increase warehouse storage space by suggesting better ways to improve efficiency and maximise capacity. As with a lot of companies in Hereford, we help brewery companies increase storage of barrels, beer kegs and bespoke systems. Every company is different, and that is why we are the company to talk to.

Not only do we take the core product, but we look at the workable space to determine which type of storage system is best. Mezzanine floors are great for increasing workable space, but sometimes to reduce cost, we can suggest other systems to match budget.

Second hand storage systems, such as Dexion, Apex, Mecalux and Link 51 are very easy to obtain at a good price. In saying that, new systems are also very competitive.

We can supply and install new and used equipment utilising our very own workforce.

Are you a company based in Hereford who is looking for a specialist storage partner? If so, great - you do not need to look any further. . .

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We are based near Kidderminster, which is close to surrounding cities and towns such as Hereford, Leominster and Cheltenham.

Pallet Racking Mezzanine Mezz Floors Hereford

Apex Pallet Racking System with Timber Boards