Mezzanine Floor Supply and Installation

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Mezzanine Floor (Mezz) Specialists - To Regulations

Aphex Warehouse Services supply and install exceptional mezzanine floors to a variety of different applications and suited to the clients overall budget.

We have consistently provided quality mezzanine floors with CAD drawings for many years. We have installed small 20m2 mezzanines to 1000m2 mezzanine floors. Any size, any budget can and will be achieved.

What Are Mezzanine Floors?

Mezzanine floors offer space utilisation of an existing building, but can also provide office space within a warehouse. Essentially, a mezzanine floor is floor on 'stilts' or columns as we call them. This allows for a brand new storage or office space within your warehouse.

The floor is comprised of structural steels and purlins; and can be configured to suit any area. The deck is comprised of 38mm P6 HDPB Tongue and Groove chipboard which is robust which essentially lay onto the purlins and cross members.

We can configure a mezzanine at any height as long as a minimum of 2.2m is allowed for the underside height.

What Capacity do Mezzanine Floors Achieve?

A mezzanine floor capacity is normally 4.8kN/m2 (Kilonewtons) which translates to approximately 480kgs per m2.

A standard office application is a little bit lower at 3.6kN (360kgs per m2).

We have installed mezzanine floors which have exceeded this - up and over 1000kgs per m2 (10.0kN/m2).

What Accessories Do We Need?

1. Handrail - Mezzanine Handrail encloses the floor at exposed edges making the mezzanine safe for human traffic.

2. Staircases - Many options available and based on regulations. We can offer utility staircases, Part K staircases and general access ladders.

3. Pallet Gates - These offer peace of mind and safety, allowing the placement of pallets on top of the mezzanine safely.

4. Overlaying - We can Overlay the chipboard decking with rubber matting, anti slip paint or steel plate (normally for wet environments).

What About Mezzanine Regulations?

We supply all of our floors to current EN regulations, and all of our floors are CE marked.

Not only this, but we will advise you on what you need to be above board - correct staircases etc.

We also offer a regulation service where we take control of this for you. Speaking with the local authority and relevant Fire Authorities.

Do I Need Fire Protection for my Mezzanine?

In a few words, it all comes down to certain parameters.

If your floor is to be one of the following then YES:

1. The floor exceeds 50% of total warehouse area.

2. The floor exceeds 20m in any one direction.

3. The floor exceeds 20m to nearest fire escape from any given point.

4. More than 3 working on floor any any given time.

5. The floor is being worked on constantly from 9-5pm.

6. The floor is NOT being used for storage purposes. Eg. Offices, Desks etc.

What can Aphex Offer Me as a Customer?

"We are very different from many. Being 'real people' we understand that mezzanine floors are a big expenditure decision, and we are here to help you reach your budget, requirement and provide peace of mind. Not only this, but our communication sets us apart from our competition... and with all these aspects you are in very capable and professional hands."

To Summarise

We can offer office partitioning suited to your requirement too - office fit outs are just one of Aphex's strengths.

If you need mezzanine flooring supplied and installed - we have a number of additional options for you; from rubber matting overlay to carpet tiles.

We will also provide pallet gates and railings for mezzanine floors - as well as glass partitions if required.

Our Mezzanine Floors are installed UK wide and around Birmingham, Hereford, Coventry and Rugby areas.

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