April 2019 - How to Use Pallet Racking Safely

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Used Pallet Racking vs New Pallet Racking

Whats the difference? You have a choice between ultimately paying less for your storage and pallet positions in your warehouse for used, right?

Believe it or not, new racking is falling at around the same price - for larger projects at least - than a lot of used pallet racking. The reason for this is that the UK now has a shortage of quality used pallet racking, or suitable pallet racking at least.

In our experience, it is always best to check the quality of the pallet racking that you intend to put up. There is really no point in purchasing lower priced product, just to save on the pennies. OK, so you can buy pallet racking pretty cheap on Ebay and others; but before you buy CHECK IT! You can often find rust, bent metal sections and mismatched pallet racking, which you cannot mix and match.

The exchange rate is permitting companies like Mecalux to sell pallet racking to dealers (like us) at a very good price. Not only this, but you can always be certain of the quality and support from the manufacturer.

Although used pallet racking can save you money, Aphex would recommend getting a price for both, just to see the price difference.

Aphex Warehouse Services can supply and install both new and used racking UK wide.

Racking Spares - We can Help!

After a racking inspection, you may need spare pallet racking frames, bracing, beams and locking pins.

Aphex announces that it now stocks and sources all big name manufacturers of pallet racking including; Apex, Mecalux, Link 51, Esmena, Hi-Lo, Kimer, Dexion, Finspa and many more.

If you are looking at a small number, no problem. If you are after entire frames with fitting, we can still help. Even though you might think it is going to cost you the earth - think again! We consistently beat our competition on price and we do not stand for poor work.

If you have any pallet racking or mezzanine floor snags and need a company you can trust, call Aphex today.