What is a Pallet Racking System?

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It is often a loose term, but essentially it is made within the construction and layout of particular space. It can be quite easy to simply install a pallet racking system, but what other implications are there of not installing a pallet racking or shelving system incorrectly?

Some companies will install racking with no thought of forklift truck dimensions or turning circles in mind. Aphex Warehouse Services will survey your application, and also undertake research into the optimum aisle widths to ensure sufficient use of your space at hand. A 'system' is not just about installing the product, but thinking about all manner of aspects that could invade precious space.

Also, considerations into maximising your pallet capacity is important. Aphex will ensure that pallet racking specifications (such as beams) are suitable for your pallet or load widths. Whether you are using a Euro pallet, CHEP/British pallet or even American pallets - we will ensure that your space can be utlilised to its full capacity.

A pallet racking system should be a complete, bespoke package suited to you. Every business is different, which is why important considerations should be made into aisle widths, rotation of stock and user practicality.

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