Cantilever & Vertical Storage Racks

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We Supply and Install Cantilever & Vertical

Supply and Installation of Cantilever & Vertical Racks

As a company with experience in the supply and installation of cantilever and vertical racking systems, we can offer you a number of solutions for your awkward and long stocks.

More often than not, long/awkward loads have been a nuisance to store, however we can evaluate your current storage and recommend suitable storage systems to suit your requirements.

Vertical vs Horizontal Storage Systems

Vertical Racking systems are normally specified for lighter goods, available for picking via manual handling. Suitable for up to 2m lengths such as poles, wooden dowel and long stackable boxes etc. This option is the more economical storage system, but only suitable for items not stacked in bulk, and easy to lift. These systems are fully adjustable from left to right.

If lifting is deemed as a health and safety issue, consider storing horizontally in 'Cantilever Racking'.

Cantilever Racking systems are more better placed for fast paced, more industrious places of work where bulk picking is required. A forklift truck such as a side lifter or reach truck is commonplace with these systems.

Essentially, long stocks are stored horizontally not vertically and therefore it is much easier and quicker to pick numerous loads at one time. Obviously, these systems are much more industrial than vertical racking systems, but give the ability to STORE MORE and PICK QUICKER for bulk orders.

Not only this, but cantilever racking can be adjusted. If your loads are increasing in height, or more stock is on it's way - then you can always adjust and add more levels if need be. It is FULLY ADJUSTABLE (subject to weight limitations of products specified).

Cantilever is great way of increasing your storage capacity of long items, whilst also considering your picking ratios and timing.

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Cantilever Racking Installed in Leicester

Cantilever Racking System

Above is a cantilever system installed in Leicester, Leicestershire.

The system is ideal for the storage of heavy, long bulky items.

Vertical Storage System, West Midlands. Long Item Racks

Vertical Racking System

Above image is of a typical vertical racking system. Ideal for manual picking, and does not take up too much room.

Fully adjustable arms to adapt to different products or quantities.