New and Used Warehouse Pallet Racking and Mezzanine Floors in Leicester

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If you are in the market for a small or large amount of new and used pallet racking systems in Leicester, Leicestershire then Aphex are only a short tip down the road to help assist with your expanding business.

What we do from day one is categorise the reason why you feel that extra space is beneficial. If you are unloading containers on a daily basis and want to know the best way to increase space then we can help. Or, if you simply would like to move pallet racking then our installation can do this quickly, safety and effectively.

Have you simply got more items to store? Or, has your requirement changed? Is your racking old, rusty and requires replacement? If so, we can supply and install new and used pallet racking to Leicester.

As we have the majority of our customer based around Leicestershire and Northampton, we can prove why many customers place their trust into us to supply and install new and used mezzanine floors.

Have you simply no more room to work? The answer is simple. Mezzanine Floor = More floor space = No Moving Premises.

Cost effective, professional and quick to react are just some of the reasons customers why people chose Aphex. We are people driven and coupled with a cost saving philosophy means we are the prime company to talk to.

Aphex are based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire but travel up and down the UK to assist with pallet racking and mezzanine floor requirements.

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