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Pallet Racking and Mezzanine Column Protection Products

When it comes to looking after your pallet racking, Aphex would advise to take a look at the various options available for protecting your important pallet racking from impact from forklift trucks.

It is to be made aware that high traffic areas should have end frame protection to help prevent collision and ultimately damage to frames, or worse collapse. Usually, the most cost effective way of preventing damage to frames is to protect the metalwork using an end frame protector. This is normally bolted to the floor using specialist anchor bolts to ensure rigidity and prevent impact from handling machinery.

Whether your pallet racking is young or old, it is always good to prevent collisions which ultimately cost you money and puts health and safety at risk.

Beams are hard to protect, but normally a case of replacement where required; however frames and columns should ideally be protected from impact. We can offer a multitude of different products to ultimately protect your investment.

If you feel that you would benefit from the installation of pallet racking or mezzanine floor protection, Aphex can help.

What Products do Aphex Offer?

✓ We offer column guards which are installed to the base of the frame and encapsulating the footplates (400mm High)

✓ We offer Pallet Racking End Frame Barriers (400mm High x Many Lengths!)

✓ Double Rail Armco Barriers - for busy areas.

✓ Pedestrian Barriers

✓ Pallet Support Bars

✓ Mesh and Timber Pallet Racking Decking. HUGE STOCKS AVAILABLE CALL TODAY.

✓ Plastic Wrap Arounds. Rack Armour™

✓ Mezzanine Column Guards and Barriers

✓ Walkway Products

Pallet Racking End Frame Barrier UK

Pallet Racking End Frame Barriers

Mezzanine Column Barriers UK

Mezzanine Column Barriers

Warehouse Bollards Internal

Internal Warehouse Bollards

Pallet Racking Column Guards New and Used

Pallet Racking Column Guards New and Used