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Call Free: 0800 799 9687 Email: sales@aphex-uk.co.uk

If you are have a warehouse project where you require a mezzanine floor, pallet racking or need complete refurbishment of warehouse offices - speak to Aphex Warehouse Services. Not only that, Aphex can accommodate the supply and installation of Longspan Shelving into your project.

As we are UK wide, Aphex endeavor to visit every site (where possible) to provide full photographic reports to give both our clients and installers peace of mind. From day one you will find that our projects are a seamless operation.

Having a close relationship with our suppliers and being able to source used mezzanines and pallet racking and shelving we are, ultimately, able to pass these savings on to our customers.

When it comes to contractors, we understand that budget is a major part of pallet racking and building works within warehouses. Therefore you will find that we will always negotiate with our suppliers to give you the best value for money - with no compromise on quality or time.

If you are looking for full site reports on warehouse pallet racking racking, shelving, mezzanine floors, handling equipment or partitions, then talk to us today by clicking here.

We supply all of our products and services to the entire UK.

Pallet Racking & Shelving

Where new or used pallet racking or shelving is required, we will always give you preference. Where there is no preference, we will suggest the best pallet racking at the best price.

Used racking and shelving is sourced from our connections and sometimes racking from warehouses being moved out of. With any supply and installation, we will always aim to provide you with a solution.

It is our promise that used racking and shelving will be A1 grade and quality; no products are selected if condition is considered poor. It is not in our make up. Drawings and site layout provided free of charge.

We are also suppliers of Pallet Racking Accessories such as column guards, barriers and mesh/timber decking.


All aspects of remedial building work are undertaken for our commercial clients. From partitions, to suspended ceilings and office floors. We can also provide CAD drawings for office furniture and improve your space utilisation.

Get an honest price for honest work.

Mezzanine Floors

New and Used mezzanine floors to suit your space and load capacity; designed, supplied and installed by our trusted team.

Manufactured with building regulations in mind and honest feasibility shown throughout the entire process.

We look at providing the solutions first. Aphex understand that budget is a factor, and we incorporate this into our business model. A good solution does not always have to be a premium price. Try us; you will not be disappointed in our knowledge and range of expertise.

Aphex have supplied and installed Mezzanine Floors from 10m2 to over 3000m2. No job is too small or large.

We are happy to arrange a site visit to numerous sites around the UK, to show you the standard of our work in relation to Pallet Racking and Mezzanine Floors.

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Email: sales@aphex-uk.co.uk