Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving

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Heavy Duty Longspan Industrial Shelving for Warehouses (AR Sistemas)

Aphex Warehouse Services are suppliers and installers of Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving systems to the UK marketplace.

Based in the West Midlands UK, Aphex recognise the importance of managing industrial storage safely and effectively.

As one of our biggest sellers, Longpsan Shelving is perfect for the storage of boxes, totes, archiving and general storage. We are distributors of 'AR' products and supply all the materials YOU NEED in order for your company to maximise your warehouse space and keep your products safe.

We can supply Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving in the following sizes:

Frames (Blue)

Height: Any Height up to 5.0m, Built & Cut to Size

Depths: 400mm / 500mm / 600mm / 800mm / 900mm / 1000mm or 1200mm

Beams (Orange)

Widths: 950mm / 1150mm / 1350mm / 1500mm / 1850mm / 2250mm / 2400mm or 2700mm

Loadings: Ranging from 430kgs to 1075kgs per Pair (With Chipboard Supports)

Chipboard Levels

We can supply either 18mm or 25mm thick chipboard to suit your shelving depths and bay widths.

All chipboard is shelving grade P2 and cut to rest snug into the 'Z' profile beams.

Galvanised Steel Drop in Levels

We can also supply Galvanised Drop in Levels to suit all beam widths and frame depths.

Suitable for products that may consist of liquid or products that may stain levels.

Easy to clean and very durable.

Further Information on Longspan Configuration

It is recommended to prevent 'bowing' of chipboard that chipboard support bars are used. Chipboard support bars simply lay into the frames and beams, preventing any load bending the chipboard. In the majority of cases (where loads of 250kgs are required) chipboard supports may not be required.

Chipboard support bars should be placed at 500mm centres. Example: A 2700mm level should require 4 Nr. supports bars to achieve a maximum rating of 430kgs with excess either side of 350mm.

In general, we provide all our quote with an optional purchase price for chipboard supports. This ensures that loadings are maximised.

All Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Frames are pre-built and jigged - ready to go!


We offer an installation service to the entire UK.

Please let us know if you require this service.

All installations are carried out to SEMA guidelines and fitted by SEIRS installers.

Installation is Certified on Completion with Load Notices.

Delivery & Lead Times

In general, these products are a stocked item and carry a 3-5 working day lead time.

Delivery is charged per pallet position, and is NOT DELIVERED through a pallet network. We use a dedicated and trusted haulier to ensure that delivery is timely and in perfect condition.


We can offer a 14 day credit terms for second orders & subject to credit eligibility.

First orders are on a pro forma basis, however we are always happy to listen and discuss.

Please call Aphex on 0800 799 9687 or email sales@aphex-uk.co.uk with your Longpsan Shelving plans and we will do the rest...

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