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Cheap Pallet Racking Spares/Second Hand & New!

All Makes and Models of Pallet Racking Spares Available

After a SEMA inspection of your warehouse pallet racking, you may be provided with a 'snag' list of various parts required to get your shelving and pallet racking in order. It could be an entire frame, beam or locking pins that are needed to bring your racking back to its best and ultimately safe.

Aphex are suppliers of many different types of pallet racking spares and parts including Apex, Mecalux, Hi-Lo, Dexion, AR, Redirack, Link 51, Storax, Esmena and many more.

Whether it is just a few locking pins/clips, or a few hundred then call Aphex today for a fast quotation.

Not only this, but we work alongside specialist manufacturers of conveyor and Flowstore systems - so once more, we can source the right part for you.

We offer a national Service for both installation and delivery of new and used pallet racking.

What Products Can Aphex Provide?

✓ Pallet Racking Locking Pins (New and Used) for many, many different Pallet Racking Types.

✓ 900mm and 1100mm Horizontal and Diagonal Bracings

✓ Massive Stocks of Used Frames of ANY duty.

✓ Huge Stocks of Dexion, Apex, Redirack and Link 51 Replacement Beams

✓ Pallet Racking Footplates

✓ Pallet Racking Approved Bolts

✓ Pallet Racking Leveling Shims

✓ MASSIVE Stocks of Timber Decking / Mesh Decking to suit 1300mm, 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm and 3300mm Pallet Racking Beams. Low Prices!


Pallet Racking Spare Beams Dexion, AR, Link 51, Storax, Bito, Redirack UK

Old Style AR & Dexion in Stock!