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Acoustic Installations

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Aphex Warehouse Services are installers of acoustic barriers and sound prevention. We assist with sound issues developing from noise emitting from manufacturing plant or your general warehouse sounds. 

Aphex Warehouse Services will fully survey your offices and warehouse space, in order to find the cause of noise transfer. Predominantly, noise takes the route of least resistance, meaning cavities or openings allow sound waves to pass into your area of work - which is where we come in.

The most common cause is sound travelling through ceiling and floor voids. Aphex can install specialist acoustic barriers into your ceiling and floor voids to help prevent sound penetrating into quiet areas. 

We have helped many businesses reduce their sound issues, and enabled offices to work in sanctuary; whilst running loud plant machinery next door! 

Modern buildings with suspended ceilings can suffer from acoustic problems; however we have a portfolio of a multitude of products to help ease noise which works in conjunction with existing building materials to provide a total solution. More often than not, partition and building companies can miss out the bigger picture when installing walls, ceilings and floors - we fill that void by improving on sound and acoustic properties.

If you require partitions, ceilings and floors we can install all of these whilst considering soundproofing values up to 60DB.

Call us today to see how we can help with reducing your noise and acoustic problems in your business.